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Puerto Rico discovers protective supply cache amid COVID-19

Danica Coto, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 4th - 11:43am

The suspected mismanagement of essential supplies during Hurricane Maria turned out to be a boon for Puerto Rico as it fights a rise in coronavirus cases.

Trudeau says Canada won't retaliate for US mask export ban

Rob Gillies, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 4th - 10:24am

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Saturday that Canada won’t bring retaliatory or punitive measures against the United States after the Trump administration announced it would prevent the export of N95 protective masks.

Hidden suffering of coronavirus: Stigma, blaming, shaming

Christine Armario, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 4th - 8:14am

No one should have known Bella Lamilla’s name.

Knifeman in southern France kills 2 in attack on passersby

Thomas Adamson, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 4th - 5:55am

A man wielding a knife attacked residents of a French town while they ventured out to shop amid a coronavirus lockdown Saturday, killing two people and wounding eight others, authorities said.

Knife attacker kills 2, wounds others in French town under virus lockdown

The Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 4th - 5:52am

Knife attacker kills 2, wounds others in French town under virus lockdown.

AP PHOTOS: Meals for Paris' marginalized amid coronavirus

FranÇois Mori, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 4th - 2:45am

Amid the coronavirus lockdown in France, charity workers are preparing more than a thousand meals a day for migrants and the homeless on the half-abandoned grounds of a former Paris hospital whose patron saint was devoted to the poor.

Medics at Egypt's main cancer center test positive for virus

Samy Magdy, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 4th - 2:40am

At least 17 medics in Egypt’s main cancer hospital have been quarantined after testing positive for the coronavirus, officials said Saturday, raising fears the pandemic could prey on health facilities in the Arab world's most populous country.

African elite who once sought treatment abroad are grounded

Cara Anna, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 4th - 12:59am

The coronavirus pandemic could narrow one gaping inequality in Africa, where some heads of state and other elite jet off to Europe or Asia for health care unavailable in their nations. As countries including their own impose dramatic travel restrictions, they might have to take their chances at home.

UN to decide in a month on holding world leaders' meeting

Edith M. Lederer, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 3rd - 11:49pm

The president of the U.N. General Assembly says the 193-member world body will take a decision in the coming month on whether to delay the annual gathering of world leaders in New York in late September because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Here is the latest news from The Associated Press at 12:40 p.m. EDT

The Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 3rd - 10:40pm

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said China is facilitating the shipment of 1,000 ventilators to his state, as it tries to build capacity to deal with a growing number of coronavirus patients. The number of people infected in the U.S. has now exceeded a quarter-million, with the death toll climbing past 7,000. Cuomo said Saturday that more than 3,500 of those deaths are in New York state. As the number of people infected has grown to more than 1.1 million worldwide, health care systems are straining under the surge of patients.

China honors virus victims with 3 minutes of reflection

The Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 3rd - 8:05pm

With air raid sirens wailing and flags at half-staff, China held a three-minute nationwide moment of reflection on Saturday to honor those who have died in the coronavirus outbreak, especially “martyrs” who fell while fighting what has become a global pandemic.

China holds 3-minute nationwide solemn reflection for victims of coronavirus outbreak as case numbers fall

The Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 3rd - 8:02pm

China holds 3-minute nationwide solemn reflection for victims of coronavirus outbreak as case numbers fall.

2 major events promoting gender equality delayed until 2021

Edith M. Lederer, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 3rd - 2:33pm

The United Nations on Friday announced the postponement of two major events to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the landmark U.N. women’s conference in Beijing because of the coronavirus pandemic, putting off until next year the meetings where thousands of people from across the world will try to make progress toward gender equality.

At Madrid field hospital, staff seeks to provide human touch

Aritz Parra, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 3rd - 12:51pm

There's a bookshelf filled with donated novels. Hotel toiletries rest on cardboard boxes turned into bedside tables. Meals are served with personalized notes from the staff. And an army of volunteers do their best to keep up an air of optimism amid the pandemic.

UN chief: Cease-fire appeal backed by parties in 11 nations

Edith M. Lederer, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 3rd - 10:23am

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said Friday that warring parties in 11 countries have responded positively to his appeal for a global cease-fire to tackle the coronavirus pandemic, but turning words into peace is enormously difficult and fighting has escalated in major conflicts including Yemen, Libya and Afghanistan.

Prince Charles opens new London hospital for virus patients

Pan Pylas and Jill Lawless, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 3rd - 6:07am

Prince Charles remotely opened a vast temporary hospital for COVID-19 patients at London’s main exhibition center Friday, as the number of coronavirus-related deaths reported in the U.K. surpassed China’s official total.

The daily terrors: Improvising in a makeshift ICU in Spain

Renata Brito, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 3rd - 2:30am

The tension is palpable. There is no non-essential talking. An orchestra of medical monitors marks the tempo with an endless series of soft, distinct beeps.

Here is the latest news from The Associated Press at 11:40 p.m. EDT

The Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 2nd - 10:40pm

President Donald Trump has fired Michael Atkinson, the inspector general for the intelligence community who handled the whistleblower complaint that triggered his impeachment. Trump informed the Senate intelligence committee Friday of his decision to fire Atkinson, according to a letter obtained by The Associated Press. Trump said in the letter that it is “vital” that he has confidence in the appointees serving as inspectors general, and “that is no longer the case with regard to this inspector general.” Atkinson was the first to inform Congress about an anonymous whistleblower complaint last year that described Trump’s pressure on Ukraine to investigate Democrat Joe Biden and his son. 

UN in cash crisis from unpaid dues, secretary-general says

Edith M. Lederer, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 2nd - 7:53pm

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says the United Nations is facing a cash crisis because of non-payment of dues by member states, which has been exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic.