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US extends Iran nuclear cooperation sanctions waivers

Matthew Lee  |  Updated Mar 30th - 6:33pm

The Trump administration on Monday renewed several waivers on U.S. sanctions against Iran, allowing Russian, European and Chinese companies to continue to work on Iran's civilian nuclear facilities without drawing American penalties.

Utah businesses, employees must navigate family and sick leave in the COVID-19 outbreak

Jasen Lee, KSL  |  Posted Mar 30th - 5:51pm

The coronavirus is putting pressure on employees as well as employers who must manage operations in the wake of legally mandated leave.

FBI reaches out to Sen. Burr over stock sales tied to virus

Eric Tucker  |  Posted Mar 30th - 4:17pm

The FBI has reached out to Sen. Richard Burr about his sale of stocks before the coronavirus caused markets to plummet, a person familiar with the matter said Monday.

ABC's Karl calls Rubio's tweet on media outrageous, hurtful

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 30th - 3:39pm

The president of the White House Correspondents' Association on Monday called on Florida Sen. Marco Rubio to apologize for a tweet saying some media members “can't contain their delight” at reports of Americans getting the coronavirus.

The White House is getting a new chief of staff on Tuesday

Zeke Miller, Associated Press  |  Updated Mar 30th - 11:55am

Rep. Mark Meadows is resigning his congressional seat effective 5 p.m. Monday as he assumes the post of White House chief of staff.

Trump extends virus guidelines, braces US for big death toll

Zeke Miller and Jill Colvin  |  Updated Mar 30th - 6:27am

Bracing the nation for a coronavirus death toll that could exceed 100,000 people, President Donald Trump extended restrictive social distancing guidelines through April, bowing to public health experts who presented him with even more dire projections for the expanding coronavirus pandemic.

Blissful ignorance? Submariners likely unaware of pandemic

John Leicester  |  Posted Mar 30th - 2:31am

Of a world in coronavirus turmoil, they may know little or nothing.

Trump extends federal social distancing guidelines to April 30

Paul Leblanc, Jason Hoffman and Kevin Liptak, CNN  |  Updated Mar 29th - 5:56pm

President Donald Trump said Sunday he would extend his social distancing guidelines to April 30 as novel coronavirus continues to spread throughout the US.

Trump extends federal social distancing guidance for 30 days as scientists warn virus continues to spread

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 29th - 4:11pm

Trump extends federal social distancing guidance for 30 days as scientists warn virus continues to spread.

Fit, healthy 33-year-old recounts falling ill to coronavirus

Paolo Santalucia  |  Updated Mar 29th - 3:42pm

Andrea Napoli didn’t fit the usual profile of a coronavirus patient.

Coronavirus makes it harder for campaigns to ask for money

Brian Slodysko, Associated Press  |  Updated Mar 29th - 2:22pm

White House candidates aren't usually bashful about asking supporters for money.

NIH's Fauci projects possible 'millions' of US coronavirus cases, '100,000-200,000' deaths

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 29th - 7:56am

NIH's Fauci projects possible 'millions' of US coronavirus cases, '100,000-200,000' deaths.

Trump: No quarantine, but travel advisory for NY, CT and NJ

Zeke Miller and Colleen Long, Associated Press  |  Updated Mar 28th - 10:54pm

President Donald Trump backed away from calling for a quarantine for coronavirus hotspots in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, instead directing Saturday night that a “strong Travel Advisory” be issued to stem the spread of the outbreak.

Canadian PM's wife has recovered from coronavirus illness

Rob Gillies  |  Posted Mar 28th - 8:46pm

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's wife said Saturday that she has recovered from being ill from COVID-19 disease caused by the new coronavirus.

Guaido urges unity government backed by loans to fight virus

Joshua Goodman  |  Updated Mar 28th - 8:15pm

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó called Saturday night for the creation of a "national emergency government" of diverse political leanings to fight the spread of the coronavirus with the assistance of $1.2 billion in international loans.

Trump says CDC to issue "strong Travel Advisory" for parts of NY, CT, NJ to slow virus spread in place of quarantine

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 28th - 6:34pm

Trump says CDC to issue "strong Travel Advisory" for parts of NY, CT, NJ to slow virus spread in place of quarantine.

Guest lineups for the Sunday news shows

The Associated Press  |  Updated Mar 28th - 5:12pm

Guest lineups for the Sunday news shows:

Utah Rep. Ben McAdams released from hospital

Jen Riess,  |  Updated Mar 28th - 4:30pm

After being hospitalized for a little more than a week following his COVID-19 positive test result, Congressman Ben McAdams has been discharged.

Ex-Sen. Tom Coburn, conservative political maverick, dies

Sean Murphy, Associated Press  |  Updated Mar 28th - 10:36am

Former U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn, an Oklahoma family doctor who earned a reputation as a conservative political maverick as he railed against federal earmarks and subsidies for the rich, has died. He was 72.