KSL Weather Photo Contest

Be a part of the largest photo gallery in Utah! Plus, a chance to win a KSL Prize Pack and have your photo featured in an upcoming photo calendar.

Weekly Winners

Each week Kevin Eubank & the KSL Weather Team will select a photo of the week & feature it on KSL News at 10 p.m.
by Emma Hamson
by Brayden Christenson

Monthly Winners

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July 22

Dylan Morgan

June 22

shaunelle Finngan

May 22

Spencer Wicker

April 22

Kenneth Swenson

March 22

Ron Rasband

February 22

Layne Naylor

January 22

Kim Harris

December 21

Reed Beatse

November 21

chris bothell

October 21

Heidi Randall

September 21

Susan Hansen

August 21

Jon Hafen

July 21

chris calhoun

June 21

janice Noyce

May 21

Andrew Rich

April 21

Maddie Moore

March 21

John Wiemer

February 21

Gavin Vanderbeek

January 21

Kagan Dixon

August 2022 Gallery »

by Cassie Johnson