KSL Weather Photo Contest

Be a part of the largest photo gallery in Utah! Plus, a chance to win a KSL Prize Pack and have your photo featured in an upcoming photo calendar.

Weekly Winners

Each week Kevin Eubank & the KSL Weather Team will select a photo of the week & feature it on KSL News at 10 p.m.
by Brad Torgersen
by Jolie Gordon

Monthly Winners

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November 19

Chris Williams

October 19

Kimberly Thomas

September 19

Tom Harris

August 19

Jon Hafen

July 19

Kerry Bishop

June 19

Orlando Heaton

May 19

Scott Irwin

April 19

Eldon Griffin

March 19

Teal Anderson

February 19

Craig Jensen

January 19

Andrew Wadsworth

December 18

Tamra Annett

November 18

Stan Croft

October 18

Jeanette Andrews

September 18

Andrew and tara Wardle

August 18

Amy Osness

July 18

Gina Herbert

June 18

Sarah Crooks

May 18

Travis Cottam

April 18

Spencer Davidson

March 18

JeNeal Martinez

February 18

Jason Wilkerson

January 18

Andrew Ivie