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Germany urged to fight anti-Semitism to avoid Jewish exodus

Geir Moulson  |  Posted Jan 26th - 5:41am

Germany's foreign minister is calling for strengthened efforts against anti-Semitism to ward off the possibility that many Jews decide to leave the country.

China temporarily bans wildlife trade in wake of outbreak

Sam McNeil, Penny Yi Wang and Elaine Kurtenbach  |  Updated Jan 26th - 2:16am

Chinese authorities announced a temporary ban on the trade of wild animals Sunday following a viral outbreak in Wuhan, saying they will “severely investigate and punish” violators.

Used mascara wands are helping treat and save wild animals

Francisco Guzman and Saeed Ahmed, CNN  |  Posted Jan 25th - 7:11pm

If you're in need of a new mascara wand, don't throw the old one away.

Have You Seen This? Woman plays two recorders — with her nose

Martha Ostergar, Contributor  |  Posted Jan 25th - 1:52pm

Maybe she’s born with it; maybe it’s Maybelline.

Spacewalking astronauts plug leak, finish fixing detector

Marcia Dunn  |  Updated Jan 25th - 11:58am

Spacewalking astronauts plugged a leak in a cosmic ray detector outside the International Space Station on Saturday, completing a series of complex repairs to give the instrument new life.

Blues artist, friends spread ‘hug someone today’ message around northern Utah

Mike Anderson, KSL TV  |  Posted Jan 25th - 11:18am

In recent months, the simple, positive messages have been popping up in Weber County, especially around Ogden. The simple paper posters that read, ‘Hug Someone Today,’ were the idea of 19-year-old blues artist, Sammy Brue. Brue said he came up with it at around 4 a.m. one morning.

Cardinal at center of 2 Popes storm doubles down on celibacy

Nicole Winfield  |  Posted Jan 25th - 11:00am

A Vatican cardinal at the center of a storm over a book about celibacy and the Catholic priesthood is denouncing the “brutality” of criticism directed at him and his collaborator, Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI.

Covington Catholic bus involved in fatal crash in Kentucky

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jan 25th - 9:49am

A charter bus carrying students from a Catholic high school collided with a car Saturday morning in northern Kentucky, killing the car's driver, police said.

Eminent domain proposed by lawmaker as a way to carve future recreation trails

Carter Williams,  |  Posted Jan 25th - 9:19am

A new bill set to be discussed this upcoming legislative session would allow local governments to, once again, use eminent domain to help carve out trails in Utah.

Too soon to tell if new virus as dangerous as SARS cousin

Lauran Neergaard and Maria Cheng  |  Updated Jan 24th - 9:12pm

is more like SARS or MERS.

'It was constant fear': How a 6-year-old Utah girl is overcoming a severe peanut allergy

Aley Davis, KSL TV  |  Posted Jan 24th - 8:24pm

People living with a severe allergy know it can be paralyzing and control everyday life. One Utah family credits their recently found freedom to a new oral therapy.

A proactive approach to finding a mentor — in 5 easy steps

Nicole Carpenter, Contributor  |  Posted Jan 24th - 7:49pm

Surveys show 76% of people feel mentors are important, yet less than half of those surveyed actually have a mentor. Here are five things you can do to find the perfect mentor for you and make the most of your relationship.

Temporary homeless shelter opens in Sugar House to warm welcome from neighbors

Amy Donaldson, KSL  |  Updated Jan 24th - 5:27pm

The same day, Catholic Community Services of Utah announced it would not renew its contract at the Gail Miller Resource Center.

Have You Seen This? Toddler adorably struggles to eat a banana

John Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted Jan 24th - 4:36pm

Sometimes, all you want is a banana — and sometimes the world just says "no."

China expands lockdown against virus, fast-tracks hospital

Yanan Wang  |  Updated Jan 24th - 4:16pm

China expanded its lockdown against the deadly new virus to an unprecedented 36 million people and rushed to build a prefabricated, 1,000-bed hospital for victims Friday as the outbreak cast a pall over Lunar New Year, the country's biggest, most festive holiday.

3 Sundance Film Festival movies suitable for kids

Jacob Klopfenstein,  |  Posted Jan 24th - 4:05pm

The Sundance Film Festival is once again collaborating with the Utah Film Center to provide some options for young movie buffs during this year’s festival.

Trump attends March for Life with Mike Lee at his side

Jill Colvin, Associated Press  |  Updated Jan 24th - 1:52pm

Trump, a late convert to the cause, attended the anti-abortion March for Life with Utah Sen. Mike Lee at his side. Lee also posted his support for the cause online.

155 million-year-old dinosaur found in Utah leads scientists to discover new Allosaurus species

Carter Williams,  |  Updated Jan 24th - 1:51pm

Scientists say dinosaur fossils unearthed in northeastern Utah in 1990 are the oldest Allosaurus fossils ever found in the state, dating back 155 million years.

4 aid workers for French charity disappear in Baghdad

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jan 24th - 12:49pm

Four aid workers for a French Christian charity disappeared this week in Baghdad at at time of heightened tension in Iraq, the organization said Friday,