Have You Seen This? It's that time of year when Utah drops a bunch of fish out of a plane

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources stocks fish in high-altitude lakes by flying planes over the lakes and dropping fish into the water, July 2021. ( Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, YouTube)

THE FISHY SKIES — Utah has some great traditions: the 24th of July and all of the activities that go with it; the letters on our mountains to show our school pride; funeral potatoes (and not just at funerals); and, of course, we have the annual aerial fish dump.

You've probably all seen it before. The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources stocks high-elevation lakes in Utah with fish that are dropped from a plane.

According to the YouTube description, the fish are not harmed from the drop and it's much more efficient than the way it used to be done. Apparently, they used to fill milk cans with the fish and then transport them to the water on horseback. So, I can see why a plane makes more sense.

There is something mesmerizing and oddly hilarious about seeing all these fish suddenly drop out of a plane and into the water.

I also have to give a round of applause to the pilot. I once tried to toss an old burrito wrapper in a garbage can while I rode by on my bike. The burrito didn't make it into the garbage can, and I ended up riding into the curb and taking a dive into my neighbor's lawn.

Kudos to you, pilot of the fish drop. Your pinpoint accuracy is appreciated by both man and fish.

Until next year, my friends.

Have You Seen This?

About the Author: John Clyde

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