Have You Seen This? This kid's role model is Michael Myers

Have You Seen This? This kid's role model is Michael Myers

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A KID'S BRAIN — Every kid has fixations. Everything from stuffed animals and astronaut aspirations to Disney princesses and planes, trains and cars are "normal" childhood phases.

We have theme parks with dressed-up characters, space camp or monster truck shows and the like to fulfill most kids' wildest dreams during these phases. But what do you do when your kid has a different icon than everyone else?

The family in this video decides to get creative.

This is the character Michael Myers from the "Halloween" series of slasher films (not to be confused with actor Mike Myers of "Wayne's World," "Austin Powers" and "Shrek"). I suppose this is just the October version of sitting on Santa's lap?

As you can imagine, Myers the slasher doesn't have a lot of experience as a celebrity. So he walks up awkwardly with a gift bag in his hand as this kid runs forward and pulls on his own mask — and after he gives him the bag, he pulls out a bow and sticks it on his giant knife as another gift.

This kid looks so thrilled. I don't know he became so enthralled with Michael Myers, but I'm happy for him.

Of course, Michael Myers doesn't talk; so instead, he and Mini Myers bump fists and call it a day. This kid may never wash that hand again.

I think the message here is that no matter how weird your kids' dreams are, you should try to make them a reality. Childhood wonder is glorious, no matter where it comes from ... even when it's from Michael Myers.

Have You Seen This?

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