Have You Seen This? Video details flying car's first intercity commute

This video details a new flying car's first intercity commute.

This video details a new flying car's first intercity commute. (KleinVision, YouTube)

THE CONGESTED SKIES — "Back to the Future: Part II" had a real impact on me.

The film had all these amazing things a kid like me desperately wanted.

  • I was able to get my hands on Solar Shades pretty darn quick thanks to a Pizza Hut promo.
  • It took a while, but Nike finally made the Nike Mag a reality — well, kind of. The shoes can be a reality if you happen to have about $60,000 laying around.
  • Hoverboards have been teased for far too long now, and I'm not talking about the nonsense they now call hoverboards. We all know what the real hoverboard is and we'll all wait with bated breath.

Now there is yet another "BTTF II" prediction that is now a reality: the flying car. It's not exactly like the movie, but still.

AirCar is described as a dual-mode, car-aircraft vehicle — and it just got a step closer to heading to market. The video shows highlights of a 35-minute flight from the international airport in Nitra, Slovakia, to the international airport in Bratislava, Slovakia.

The car has wings and looks like an odd plane; but once it lands, the wings retract and turn into what looks like an odd car. The car then finishes the commute on the road.

It almost feels like this commute would be more of a hassle than anything else, as you navigate the skies and airports, but it's still pretty cool.

Now, let's get on those hoverboards, scientists.

Have You Seen This?

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