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Moms: Here's how to curb sugar cravings while breastfeeding

Brooke Nally, Contributor  |  Posted Nov 11th - 8:01pm

Sugar cravings while breastfeeding can be intense, like “I need chocolate right now or I am going to have a breakdown” intense.

Hate heart-healthy veggies? It could be genetic

Sandee Lamotte, CNN  |  Posted Nov 11th - 8:18am

If certain vegetables have always made you gag, you may be more than a picky eater. Instead, you might be what scientists call a "super-taster:" a person with a genetic predisposition to taste food differently.

Coach Kim: Do you disagree with how your spouse parents?

Kim Giles, Contributor  |  Posted Nov 11th - 6:59am

In this edition of LIFEadvice Coach Kim addresses what to do if your spouse parents differently than you, and it's causing conflict.

Events and festivals happening in Utah in November

Jennifer Guzman,  |  Posted Nov 8th - 11:08am

As fall leaves are blown away, set to be replaced with white snow, it's easy to see the holiday season is on its way. There’s something for everyone to enjoy as winter comes around the corner and the year comes to an end.

What not to say to someone with diabetes (and what to say instead)

Brittany Poulson, Contributor  |  Posted Nov 7th - 8:37pm

People with diabetes are frequently misjudged and given unsolicited advice. Learn about common stereotypes and misconceptions of diabetes to better support for friends, family members or co-workers who live with diabetes on a daily basis.

The Junkyard Six: A tale of VW rescue, restoration and some resentment

Brian Champagne, Contributor  |  Posted Nov 7th - 1:14pm

In a daring crane extraction, a Highland man rescued six old Volkswagens from a Midvale wrecking yard. In doing so, he made five friends and a few enemies.

Only children are more likely to be obese, study says

Sandee Lamotte, CNN  |  Posted Nov 6th - 11:03am

Only children may be at a higher risk for obesity than children who have siblings, according to a new study published Wednesday.

Helpful tips to combat those seasonal blues

Allen Kim, CNN  |  Posted Nov 5th - 8:42pm

Winter is coming. For some, that means a greater risk with the changing seasons: seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

MRIs show screen time linked to lower brain development in preschoolers

Sandee Lamotte, CNN  |  Posted Nov 4th - 7:52pm

Screen time use by infants, toddlers and preschoolers has exploded over the last decade, concerning experts about the impact of television, tablets and smartphones on these critical years of rapid brain development.

Coach Kim: Coping with difficult relatives

Kim Giles, Contributor  |  Posted Nov 4th - 7:03am

In this edition of LIFEadvice, Coach Kim shares some strategies for getting through your holiday parties with troublesome relatives.

The Leonardo, Vivint partner to offer ‘sensory-friendly’ day for kids Staff  |  Posted Nov 2nd - 11:32am

It can be difficult to find activities for children with sensory processing differences. That's why The Leonardo Museum and Vivint Smart Home decided to create a monthly event they call Sensory-Friendly Mondays.

The science behind Jackson Pollock's painting technique

Ashley Strickland, CNN  |  Posted Nov 1st - 11:02am

American painter Jackson Pollock is remembered for his abstract-expressionist art and "drip technique." But researchers who studied his work wanted to take a deeper look at the science behind his art.

How you should spend that extra hour from Daylight Saving Time, for your health

Breeanna Hare, CNN  |  Posted Oct 31st - 8:47pm

It's Sunday morning, and you open your eyes to discover it's still incredibly early because — huzzah! — we've reached the end of the seasonal practice known as Daylight Saving Time.

Family's classic Chevy truck spans 3 generations

Jeff Giles, Contributor  |  Posted Oct 31st - 4:01pm

Restoring a truck that could qualify for a senior citizen discount is no small task. For Ed and Preston G., their 1954 Chevy 3100 pickup has been a labor of love from the beginning.

A dietitian's guide to raising a body-positive child

Emily Fonnesbeck, Contributor  |  Posted Oct 29th - 8:25pm

It is possible to raise resilient, body-positive kids even in our thin-obsessed culture. Helping a child respect and feel confident about his or her body is no small feat, but it's definitely possible. Here are three tips to help.

World's first guitar-shaped hotel opened with a smash

Stacey Lastoe, CNN  |  Posted Oct 29th - 11:27am

A $1.5 billion guitar-shaped Hard Rock property in Hollywood, Florida, opened to much fanfare last week.

Survey: Number of kids watching online videos soars

Martha Irvine, Associated Press  |  Updated Oct 29th - 8:41am

The number of young Americans watching online videos every day has more than doubled, according to survey findings released Tuesday. They're glued to them for nearly an hour a day, twice as long as they were four years ago.

Pediatricians endorse weight loss surgery for severely obese kids and teens: 'It changed my life'

Jacqueline Howard, CNN  |  Posted Oct 29th - 7:42am

Weight loss surgery has traditionally been viewed as a procedure for adults with severe obesity who haven't been able to lose weight or keep it off. Now, pediatricians are calling for it to be more accessible for children and teens with severe obesity too.

What makes soda so addictive?

Lisa Drayer, CNN  |  Posted Oct 28th - 11:30am

Slashing soft drinks from your diet is a quick way to improve your health and lose weight — that much you probably already know.

How much artificial sweetener are you feeding your child? Many parents don't know, study says

Sandee Lamotte, CNN  |  Posted Oct 28th - 9:33am

Parents don't want to give their children foods with artificial sweeteners, surveys show.