Have You Seen This? This kid works smarter not harder to mow the lawn

The future of lawn mowing is now — and it includes a hoverboard.

The future of lawn mowing is now — and it includes a hoverboard. (Allan Mount, YouTube)

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THE YARD — It's summertime and that means two things for many kids: no school (yay!) and more chores (but da-aaad!).

Kids may not realize this, but they have at least three choices when it's time to do chores:

  1. Whine or cry or negotiate for about six times as long as it would take to actually do the chore
  2. Begrudgingly accept their fate and do the chore (with or without a good attitude)
  3. Figure out a way to make the chore shorter or more fun

This video features a kid who chooses option No. 3.

His task on a fine summer day is to mow the lawn — a hot, sweaty task for anyone. However, when using a standard push mower, it can be even more difficult for the short and scrawny because you need a certain center of gravity and muscles to add a little more ease to the job.

Beating these disadvantages, this kid uses a plucky attitude and a hot trend from about five years ago to create "hoverboard lawn mowing." No, the phrase doesn't roll off the tongue, but I'm not here to market the new technique.

It's pretty smart and neat by itself, that is if we're not arguing the safety of hoverboards themselves. But weirdly, mom is super unhappy about it, thus making the video more of a charmer.

"Some may call that ingenious," mom says with a bit of scorn in her voice, "I'm not sure that I would call that ingenious."

Honestly, it's a weird thing to be angry about, but that anger is also the special touch that makes this video all the more entertaining.

Now all the kid has to do is turn his invention into a summer job mowing all the lawns in his neighborhood.

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Martha Ostergar

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