Have You Seen This? Big brother teaches sister correct water slide form

The best kind of older sibling: A big brother teaches his sister the correct form to sail down a backyard water slide.

The best kind of older sibling: A big brother teaches his sister the correct form to sail down a backyard water slide. (RM Videos, YouTube)

THE BACKYARD — I don't know how the rest of you feel, but I love having siblings — especially older ones.

Depending on how you count my incredibly confusing family, I am either the youngest of two, youngest of five, or second-youngest of seven. It's a bit of a mess, but it's family and I love it.

Don't get me wrong, sometimes being the younger sibling is an absolute nightmare. Sure, we get spoiled by the parents, but that only means the older brothers and sisters are going to torture you that much more.

But if you're as lucky as I have been, then you also have some great memories with your older siblings and learn a lot from them. One brother taught me how to golf; another hung out with me when no one else would, even though he was 11 years older than me. One went so far as to dress in a suit as a 13-year-old and march down to my elementary school and barge into my fourth-grade teacher's office to tell him he had to be nicer to me.

It's memories like these that make me love this video.

Back in 2019, this brother and sister were in the yard, beating the heat with an afternoon on the outdoor water slide. The little girl has some issues really nailing down the correct form to get herself sliding down the slippery sheet of plastic. Have no fear, because big brother is here.

The little dude shows his sister how to do it right and then has her give it a go. When she goes for it and doesn't do it quite right, her brother — with a firm, yet kind manner — corrects her and tells her to try again. She does so, nails it, and I think the brother is more excited than she is.

I love this for so many reasons, but I think these two have figured out what my siblings and I finally did — and what I am desperately trying to teach my kids: You don't always have to like your siblings, but you always have to love them. Fight at home, but protect each other outside. Friends are fantastic; siblings are forever.

Is that enough cheesy motivational lines? Anyway, this video is awesome.

Have You Seen This?

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