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Have You Seen This? Man saves boy from oncoming train

By John Clyde, Contributor | Posted - Apr. 30, 2021 at 2:55 p.m.

THE TRAIN STATION — Some of you love it and some of you hate it, but I usually relate odd or funny stories from my absurd life to tie into whatever video I'm showing off. Or it's a warning about the Bearpocalypse, but I've got nothing today because this video is incredible and the story is just as good.

At a train station in Mumbai, India, a young boy and his mother are walking on the platform. The boy gets too close to the edge and falls onto the tracks. He's too small and likely hurt, and can't pull himself back up.

At first, when you watch the video, you find yourself screaming at the screen for the mother to pull him up to safety, but she seems to be grasping at the air. You then find out the reason she doesn't immediately pull him up is because she's visually impaired and can't see him. She is trying to hear him to help get him to safety.

Thankfully, a railway employee, Mayur Shelke, was nearby and saw the boy and the oncoming train. Shelke risked his own life and sprinted to the boy. He picked him up, got him on the platform and quickly followed after.

The train narrowly missed both the boy and Shelke. It's harrowing and heart-pounding to watch.

Shelke is a true hero and, as a parent, I cannot imagine the panic that poor mother was feeling and how grateful she is to that selfless railway employee.

Maybe we won't be saving anyone from an oncoming train, but we can all be a little more like Shelke and help each other out whether we're strangers, friends or family. At the end of the day, we're all humans and deserve some kindness.

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