Have You Seen This? Move over flower girl, it's flower man's turn to shine

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Have You Seen This? Move over flower girl, it's flower man's turn to shine

By John Clyde, KSL.com contributor | Posted - Mar. 30, 2021 at 4:47 p.m.

THE RECEPTION HALL — I find weddings to be an interesting thing.

I have no issue with the institution of marriage. My beef lies with the wedding itself. When did we decide in order to have a happy marriage we needed to stress out for months or years over one day while we drop thousands of dollars on this party?

My wife and I were engaged for about six months and we spent about 98% of that time planning the wedding. No, not everything that came after that day, not the years and years of being together. Not the children we would eventually have, the homes we would buy, the financial implications of a life together, how we'd tackle the tough things that came along in our marriage and how we'd keep it strong.

No, we talked about what colors the flowers would be, if we'd have chicken satay or meatballs, and what flavors our cake would be. In the end, none of it mattered because we wanted to be together and no matter what the "party" entailed, we were going to love it because the important part was us committing to one another.

Tradition does not make a wedding — in fact, it usually just makes it boring.

How many weddings have you been to that looked beautiful, but you can't distinguish one from another because they all looked and felt more or less the same because it was traditional? Now think of the memorable weddings you've been to — the one where the reception was a pool party, the dinner was a hot dog bar or cake was made of stacked donuts. That's the stuff you remember!

That's also why people will remember the wedding from this video when the flower girl was instead the full-grown adult man who happened to be the cousin of the groom.

This guy takes his role seriously as he places flowers with a flourish across the channel through which the couple will soon tread. The man has a bag filled with petals strapped to his chest, and he's going to make sure they rain upon that thoroughfare, making it a beautiful walk for the bride and groom.

Be traditional down the line at your wedding, if you must.

But if you'd like to have some fun and make it memorable for all in attendance, try the doughnuts or the flower man. You'll be happy down the road.

Have You Seen This?

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