Have You Seen This? Cat bros up and assists with the trick shot

When this cat assisted in one of the greatest trick shots of all time (SportsNation, YouTube)

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THE STAIRS — I always wanted to be effortlessly cool.

I mean, there is cool and then there is effortlessly cool. We all know people we think are cool. Maybe they're funny, dress well or are great in social situations.

The "effortlessly cool" ones are those who could not care what you think about them; they are just who they are. They're usually people who do the right thing just because that's what you do, and they never flaunt it.

Effortlessly cool people don't have Instagram pages because they're too busy enjoying life and don't care if anyone likes their latest trip. Effortlessly cool people do something face-meltingly awesome and slowly slip out the back as everyone celebrates the amazingness. They're not in it for the accolades; they're in it for the experience.

The cat in this video is effortlessly cool.

This family was setting up a pinpong trick shot that covered three floors and most of the square footage of their house. The ball makes some incredible bounces and turns and is headed for the last set of stairs before the conclusion, but the cat seems to get in the way. Then it turns out the cat is not in the way, because he's that kind of cat. I have no doubt this feline saw the shot wasn't quite going to make it and decided to personally give an assist.

The family's reaction is amazing. Everyone is flipping out when they think the cat has ruined the trick. Then as their pet lets the ball go, he almost seems to look at the humans like, "It's cool. I got you." As the ball then makes it down the stairs into the final cup, everyone goes crazy in celebration. Everyone, that is, except for the cat. He just moves on with his day looking for the next adventure.

I've tried really hard to be cool for the better part of four decades and have mostly failed tremendously. But this cat has reached a level of effortless coolness I'll never possess. Good on you, cat.

Have You Seen This?

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