Have You Seen This? Get wowed with super slick skimboard stunt

The timing, the coordination, and the skills are bonkers.

The timing, the coordination, and the skills are bonkers. (SportsNation via YouTube)

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THE WATER — Sport stunts are a consistent part of "Have You Seen This?"

Just when we think that all the sports stunts have been done, another one crops up to wow and entertain us. And here we are again, in that very situation.

This video features the world-champion skimboarder, Austin Keen, and a stunt that is now known as the "tunnel stunt." Keen described the stunt on Facebook as a "lake to lake transfer via high-speed whip on a finless skimboard threading the needle through a corrugated pipe."

If that doesn't paint a clear picture, take a moment to watch this 13-second video. I'll wait.

Now that you have seen the tunnel stunt, you know it's an impossible, dangerous feat that Keen himself called the "scariest stunt I've ever done."

According to Keen, he and his team completed the stunt on the third try. The boat towing him was going 28 miles per hour, and at his best estimate, the whip brought Keen's speed up to 45 miles per hour, so he could make his way all the way through the tunnel to catch the wake of the boat on the other side.

If you think this video is digitally enhanced, let me offer up this evidence—another video filmed from Keen's point of view using a GoPro camera and a mouth mount. It adds even more wow to the factor.

One of the most insane parts of the stunt is that Keen cannot see out of the tunnel until he emerges; he must totally trust that his team is in place and keeping him properly informed through a walkie talkie. It's a testament to his skill and his trustworthy team.

Remember, Keen is a professional, so please do not try this stunt at home. Or on two lakes. Or on any body of water.

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