Have You Seen This? Enjoy this mellow, melon-tastic cover of 'All Star'

Youtuber Pupsi preforms a cover of 'All Star' using a melon.

Youtuber Pupsi preforms a cover of 'All Star' using a melon. (Pupsi)

THE STUDIO — Music is a powerful thing.

We all have "that one song" for a myriad of emotional circumstances. Need to get hyped? There's a song for that. Need a good cry? There's a song for that. Need to feel calmer? There's a song for that.

However, it's uncommon that a song can meet the polar opposite of emotional needs — that a song can be a high-energy jam as well as a soothing slow jam. Today you will see that it can be done.

YouTube user Pupsi made this magical moment happen with Smash Mouth's 1999 summer hit "All Star," which you may also remember a key song in the opening moments of "Shrek." a YouTuber called Pupsi produced a more relaxed-sounding cover of the song, but he takes it to the next mellow level with his choice of instruments — a variety of melons.

In the video, it shows Pupsi precisely carving the melons, which end up being unique ocarina flutes.

It looks very silly, but as soon as you tune into the song, the soothing, relaxation vibes are there to greet you. It's perfection personified.

The first half of the video is Pupsi carving his instruments. Jump to 1:45 if you want to get straight to the music. However, I personally recommend watching it all to make the experience complete.

Have you seen this?


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