Have You Seen This? This bucket drummer may melt your face

Have You Seen This? This bucket drummer may melt your face

Have You Seen This? This bucket drummer may melt your face (Bucket Drummer, YouTube)

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THE PARKING LOT — There is something inherent in our human nature for wanting to be the fastest at something. I don't know why, but we do.

Admit it. Ever since you were a kid, you wanted to be the fastest at whatever you were doing. Fastest kid on the playground. Fastest to finish your times tables. Fastest to find all the words in the word search. Fastest kid in the pool. Fastest to call, "Shotgun, no battle," when you're in sight of the car.

It didn't end when you grew up, though. Now I want to be the fastest old guy running the bases at softball. I still try to be the fastest to call, "Shotgun, no battle," even though I'm nearly 40. And I want to be the fastest to get to a million page views on a Have You Seen This article (you all can help me out with that one).

It's this need to be the fastest that makes this video so cool. Well, that's not true, that's why we're interested. What makes it cool is it may be one of the fastest one-handed drum rolls ever.

Chris Harris is known as the Bucket Drummer, and he entertains whoever wants to listen with his impressive skills with some drum sticks and a few 5-gallon buckets.

This video from a few years ago shows Harris playing it up for a crowd and asking if they believe he can do a one-handed drum roll as fast as he does it with two. He clearly has a flair for the dramatic as he takes his time between his promise to accomplish the feat and then actually doing it. But the result is worth the wait because his drum roll is truly incredible.

I've watched this a dozen times now and my brain still refuses to believe what my eyes are seeing, but there it is.

Now, check out the video and be the fastest to share it with everyone.

Have You Seen This?

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