Have You Seen This? We now know what the fox says, kind of

Have You Seen This? We now know what the fox says, kind of

Have You Seen This? We now know what the fox says, kind of (Juniper Foxx, Instagram)

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THE FOX DEN — Seven years ago the comedy duo Ylvis gave us the enduring classic, "What Does the Fox Say?"

Don't act like you don't know it. The video has racked up over 1 billion views on YouTube. Yes, that's billion with a B.

The song is eternally stuck in our brains for better or worse, but I have to give it to those guys. As a kid, I asked that question more than once. "What does the fox say? Is it a howl? Is it a growl? I can give you cow, lion, frog and even lizard with the shooting tongue. But what does that fox say?"

Had I decided to ask that question in song form, had talent and the budget to make a video, maybe I'd have a billion page views. But that's not the point, people. Quit distracting me. I'm here to tell you that we still may not know exactly what the fox says, but we now know how it snores.

This video is a couple of years old and does not have a billion page views. Not even close, but it's still pretty good.

This fox is sound asleep under what looks like a sink, and he is sawing some logs. The snore is absolutely adorable. So adorable, in fact, that we tend to ignore the other questions that should be plaguing our minds. Questions like: "Why is the fox sleeping inside? Is that a pet fox? You can have a pet fox? Where can I get a pet fox?"

But who cares about all that right now? Look how cute he is as he dreams and snores.

Now, Ylvis, get on to your next billion-view video with "That's How the Fox Snores."

Have You Seen This?

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