Have You Seen This? How Pez dispensers should be loaded — or not

Have You Seen This? How Pez dispensers should be loaded — or maybe not

Have You Seen This? How Pez dispensers should be loaded — or maybe not (sonn1c, TikToc)

THE CANDY AISLE — I am a sucker for household hacks.

I learned I can separate an egg yolk from a white perfectly every time with an empty, plastic water bottle, and I've used that more than I'd like to admit. But I also learned a hack that I could use a rubber band to remove a stripped screw and that was nothing but lies — or maybe I did it wrong.

Regardless, the internet is full of hacks. While all look quite amazing, not all can be believed.

This one is about how to load Pez — the candy we all love even if we don't like the taste — into its awesome dispenser. It's the novelty of having the dispenser many of us love more than the hard candy, but that's OK.

We all have our methods of getting the sweets into the contraption, and each works to varying degrees. When I was a kid, I would try to open one side vertically and slide them all into the dispenser at once. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it was a disaster.

According to this video, however, there is one way you should be doing it and we've all been doing it wrong.

The candies, wrapper and all, are placed in the bottom of an empty dispenser, and then the top is pushed down. The wrapping is ejected out the bottom and you're left with perfectly aligned hard candies in the dispenser.

The video made me want to run out and buy some Pez and do it myself. That was until the Pez dashed all my hopes and dreams.

As the video recently went viral, many people started talking about how despite several attempts, they could not get the hack to work. Then on Thursday, Pez posted their own video on Instagram debunking the wrapper shredding hack altogether.

Hey, what do you know? Turns out my childhood method, messy as it could be at times, was right all along.

Have You Seen This?

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