Have You Seen This? Photo-bomber busted by late-night TV host

Have You Seen This? Photo-bomber busted by late-night TV host

("Late Night with Seth Myers," YouTube)

Photo-bombing the background of an interview never gets old.

The infamous BBC Dad incident of 2017 where a political analyst in South Korea was interrupted by his toddlers was the first interview-crashing I remember, but it's far from the last.

It's been a long year and an even longer pandemic, and most of us now have stories about Zoom cameos that shouldn't have happened. From family members to pets to things breaking in the background, there's always something. My personal favorite has been lawyer cat, the lawyer who showed up to Zoom court with a cat filter on his face and had to explain to a judge, "I'm not a cat."

The latest installment in this thrilling saga of Zoom mishaps occurred Tuesday night as late-night host Seth Myers interviewed U.S. Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland. They're talking about what it was like for Haaland to be sworn in.

But everything changes when a staffer gets on his knees in the corner of the frame β€” no doubt thinking he's sneaky and out of sight β€” and crawls across the floor and hides behind Haaland's desk. Or at least he tries to hide, but parts of his head are visible the whole time.

She has no idea and is still giving answers, but the guy clutching the camera and shimmying across the floor in a nice suit steals the show.

"Sir, we know you are behind the desk," Seth Myers says, and the jig is up.

In the full clip of the show, the man shuffles the rest of the way across the screen while Haaland and Myers laugh, and they keep the interview going like the true professionals they are.

I don't know who this dedicated staffer or photographer is, but he's my new favorite late-night star. Sometimes you need to do whatever it takes for a good photo, even accidentally getting caught crawling on your boss' floor in front of millions of people.

Have You Seen This?

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