Have You Seen This? Maybe you don't want your baby's first words to be 'mama'

Have You Seen This? Maybe you don't want your baby's first words to be 'mama'

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THE KITCHEN — A baby's first word is one of the cutest milestones of all time.

Dads hope it will be "dad" and moms hope it will be "mom." The reality is that a baby's first word will probably be "no" or "cat." However, one day your baby will call you mom or dad, or any variation thereof, and it's got to feel good.

Well, that is unless your baby is somehow possessed by a demon.

In this video, a sweet, cherub-cheeked baby named Aiden James (AJ) is the baby in question. The 16-month old tot is cheerily eating a snack on dad's lap when he looks at the camera and says "mama."

But the noise that comes out of AJ's body does not match his smiling face and round baby squishiness. It sounds like a demon has possessed his voice box and has come to conquer the kitchen with cuteness.

Which, of course, he does. Because the moment he growls "mama," no one at the scene and no one who has watched this video can hold in their laughter.

According to the video, this is the only word that AJ says in his demonic voice, and it wasn't a one time thing. He's still walking around the house saying "mama" like he's freshly born out of brimstone. Which in it's own way is charming ... as long as that's the only devilish thing he does.

(Ominous music plays out this article like a thriller movie.)

Have You Seen This?

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