Have You Seen This? Metallica and ice dancing is a match made in heaven, or hell

Have You Seen This? Metallica and ice dancing is a match made in heaven, or hell

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THE ICE — Music matters, plain and simple. You often need the right song for the right moment and if you get it wrong it changes everything.

Wedding music is a great example. The songs you pick to dance to, entertain guests with and cut your cake to say something. Let me show you how from personal experience.

My sister-in-law was getting married and I was ecstatic because she happened to be marrying a friend of mine I had known in college. My friend was about to be my brother, it was amazing.

She then asked if I would play guitar and sing a duet with her at the wedding dinner. Another score.

I play guitar OK at best, and my singing is on par with a bird. Well, that bird is a crow and it's been wounded and actively chased by a bear, but a bird nonetheless.

Regardless, I was excited to do it. Then my sweet sister-in-law sent me the song she wanted to perform. I had never heard it and as I started listening the tone and melody were beautiful. The kind of thing you'd associate with a wedding. I then started paying attention to the lyrics. That's when things changed.

Turns out the song is about a fisherman's wife who is tired of her husband and starts an extra-marital affair with a lighthouse keeper. I pointed this out and she quickly chose a new song that was equally beautiful and not quite so ominous. I still sounded terrible, but she was great and my new brother loved it.

So, as I said, music matters. That's probably why you've never heard Metallica during a gorgeously choreographed ice dancing routine. But American ice dancing duo, and brother and sister, Oona and Gage Brown felt that the hard rock band's song "Nothing Else Matters" mattered a great deal to their routine and they were right.

This video is hauntingly gorgeous as this incredibly talented pair ice dance to a rendition of the Metallica classic with artist Marlisa.

The song may be from a hard-rock band, but it's gorgeous in its own way and paired with this routine it's absolutely beautiful. At some point, you'll start wondering why on earth you're feeling emotional. Don't ask me, I have the emotional fortitude of a three-legged fox who has just been evicted from his den. I get choked up by just about everything.

Despite my leaky eyes, this is a cool video, the juxtaposition of the music and the ice dancing is special, and the camera work is otherworldly. Also, as a man in his late 30's desperately trying to hold onto his thinning hair, I was wildly jealous of Gage's flowing mane.

Watch the video, become entranced and please remember, music matters and sometimes the most unexpected pairings are a perfect match. Unless you're singing about infidelity at your wedding. That's never a good match.

Have You Seen This?

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