Have You Seen This? The most absurd hole in one

Have You Seen This? The most absurd hole in one

(The Masters, Twitter)

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THE MASTERS OF LUCK — I cannot tell you why I like it, but I enjoy playing golf. I'm terrible.

When I pay green fees I may as well pay someone to yell at me and point out my shortcomings and insecurities for four hours. That's because by the end of the berating, I will have still paid money to feel terrible about myself. But at least my throat won't be sore from yelling at myself if I hire someone.

One fun thing about being bad at golf, however, is that you get to see some pretty incredible things.

During my rounds of golf over the years, I've seen a golf ball hit a duck midflight. I've seen one ball travel backward and then have the person who hit the ball actually catch it in the air without moving his feet. I've even witnessed a ball drop into the parking lot and take three big bounces before landing in the bed of a pick-up truck.

So, not only am I bad at golf, but I play with people who aren't great either.

While I get to see some amazing things because of bad golfing, I never get to see things like this.

Spanish golfer Jon Rahm teed up on a par-3 hole during this week's Masters Tournament and did something that is face-meltingly cool.

Rahm skipped the ball across the water, up onto the green, and it then played the green perfectly before, finally, the ball drops gingerly into the bottom of the cup. It's incredible. And to really understand the absurdity of it, you need to watch it a few times.

Again, I've never seen anything like this because I'm a terrible golfer. When my ball hits the water it either sinks straight to the bottom like the Titanic, or it skips and ends up on the freeway in the back of a semitruck before finally living out the rest of its days on the Jersey Shore.

Have You Seen This?

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