Have You Seen This? The most fascinating way to make hot chocolate

honeybeassweetspot, Instagram

Have You Seen This? The most fascinating way to make hot chocolate

By Katie Workman, KSL.com | Posted - Oct. 8, 2020 at 3:43 p.m.

THE OCTOBER SURPRISE — We can all appreciate the charm of a bath bomb. Even if baths aren't your cup of tea, watching viral videos of someone's water turning into a galaxy is pretty cool.

It's that same niche as Mentos in a two-liter bottle of Coca-Cola, expanding elephant toothpaste, and watching objects melt after being sliced with a glowing thousand-degree knife. People just like to watch things dissolve, expand or transform into other things.

This trend has its newest and perhaps its best addition yet: hot cocoa bombs. That's right, you read that correctly. This hot chocolate bomb video has transfixed me.

As the video begins, we're introduced to a large chocolate orb with a dark chocolate drizzle sitting in a mug. It is promptly drowned in a sea of hot milk. As the chocolate ball starts to melt, the milk begins to turn golden and brown. The divots in the chocolate orb are clearly visible and, for a second, it's questionable as to whether it's going to break apart. But then, a welcome surprise twist: The orb flips over and splits in half to reveal a hoard of marshmallows.

This video is from HoneyBea's Sweet Spot on Instagram, which is a sweet shop that is, unfortunately, not in Utah. That said, if you want a hot chocolate bomb, there are recipes for do-it yourself options for families looking for fun holiday activities.

Basically, whether you're here to get in on the hype and make your own, or just to rewatch this video a million times and satiate the urge to watch things dissolve, the hot chocolate bomb with an explosion of marshmallows is clearly the sleeper hit of the season we all needed.

Have You Seen This?

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