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Have You Seen This? The sweetest birthday cake baking tutorial ever

By Katie Workman, | Posted - Jul. 30, 2020 at 4:49 p.m.

A VIDEO SWEETER THAN BIRTHDAY CAKE — This video isn’t groundbreaking or sensational. It’s not great clickbait, and it depicts the sort of thing that happens in regular people’s lives all the time. But that’s why it delivers a wholesome dose of dopamine and chorus of ‘aw’s.

This TikTok, posted by Charlesmallet, bears the simple caption, “Today is my wife’s 84th birthday so I made her a cake!! 👴🏾🧓🏾🎂”


Today is my wife’s 84th birthday so I made her a cake!! 👴🏾🧓🏾🎂 ##foryoupage##foryou##grandpacharles##cake##yum

♬ original sound - sadaudiosjustbecause

Not to be a box mix commercial, but you can see the love in every motion Mallet makes. His slow pouring, the gentle whisking, even the soft way he blows on his layers after they come out of the oven. He looks so proud of himself as he stands in front of his layers!

This video made me realize I love watching people ice cakes. Not in the Food Network cooking show kind of way, but in the regular-person-doing-their-best kind of way most of us are when we bake. It's homey, and it's sweet enough I now need a root canal from exposure.

Then for the finale, Mr. Mallet presents his creation to Mrs. Mallet, who responds with a kiss so grandparent-y and loving it'll give you flashbacks to childhood screeching when your married relatives got too lovey-dovey on holidays.

Everything about this video makes me happy. It’s intimate, thoughtful, loving and real. It reminds me of my own childhood birthdays and cooking sessions. It feels normal and positive, and right now, that's what we could all use a lot more of.

Have You Seen This?

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