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Have You Seen This? Groom gets emotional over bride's special gift

By John Clyde, Contributor | Posted - Jul. 21, 2020 at 3:42 p.m.

EMOTIONVILLE — My wife and I have what I would describe as a good relationship. We each have our quirks that drive one another nuts, but we can get past those. But there is one thing my wife does not find funny or cute and that's my lack of emotion. Maybe, "lack of emotion," is the wrong way to say that. It's more what I do and do not get emotional over.

Here is an example: I did not cry at our wedding or when any of our three kids were born; I do, however, cry every time I watch "Rudy" and I also shed a few tears when the Chicago Cubs won the World Series in 2016. I don't think it's macho to not show emotion, it just takes certain things to get me crying I suppose and this video is one of those things.

This is Karli and Ty. On their big day, the new bride surprised her husband with EnChroma glasses. These glasses enable colorblind people to see color. Ty is shocked when he first sees them and comments on how expensive they are, and he's not wrong. The cheap ones go for about $200 while the more expensive exceed $400. Ty starts getting emotional before he even puts them on and once he slips them on to his face he has to remove them immediately because he's overcome with joy, gratitude and color. Ty's reaction is priceless, as is Karli's. It's a really beautiful moment and it's great that it was caught on camera and we get to enjoy it as well.

Ty is completely awed by the color and keeps asking, "This is what you all see every day?" I guess some of us do often take it for granted, Ty. Listening to him describe the vibrant colors is adorable and you can see how happy both he and his bride are.

Why is this moment so beautiful that it brings tears to my eyes by my own wedding didn't? I don't know, but maybe if my wife gave me some X-ray glasses or something for a present I would have become emotional. I guess we'll never know. Sorry, sweetheart, I still love you.

Have you seen this?

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