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Have You Seen This? A quarantine love story

By Katie Workman, | Posted - Mar. 30, 2020 at 3:03 p.m.

THE DEPTHS OF NEW YORK’S LOCKDOWN — The eternal loneliness of quarantine generally kills all chances of new romance in the air as effectively as the coronavirus. For single people looking for a date night, options run short and any physical contact may lead to a physician’s visit.

However, Manhattan photographer Jeremy Cohen proved that not only is safe dating during quarantine possible, it’s positively adorable.

Take a look at this video, appropriately dubbed “Quarantine Cutie.”

In true Romeo and Juliet fashion, this love story begins on a rooftop amid star-crossed circumstances. But instead of throwing pebbles, Cohen grabs duct tape and a trusted drone to fly his phone number to his quarantine cutie, named Tori.

He asks Tori to dinner and she accepts, but how does one attend a romantic dinner while social distancing? With a bit of inventiveness and coordination with her roommate, Cohen decides.

Two tables, appropriately set with white tablecloths, wine and matching microwavable dinners. FaceTime and shouted compliments apparently lead to very productive dates!

Finally, come the flowers, delivered safely in a giant inflatable bubble, and long walks on the New York streets together ... well, not quite together, but you catch my drift.

As Cohen says, “Just because we have to social distance doesn’t mean we have to be socially distant.”

So, maybe quarantine is not the death of romance, but rather a challenge to be inventive. Despite the confines of our homes, we can reach our friends, coworkers, loved ones and, yes, our quarantine cuties.

Have You Seen This?

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