Have You Seen This? Reporter doesn't realize livestream filters are spicing up his weather report

By Katie Workman, KSL.com | Posted - Feb. 27, 2020 at 3:25 p.m.

A FACEBOOK LIVESTREAM — We’ve all done something embarrassing at work over the course of our lives. From spilling a beverage all over ourselves to walking out of the bathroom with toilet paper hanging from one shoe to screaming when a bug comes within a 2-mile radius of the office, work fails are relatable, human, endearing and a little cringy.

My worst workspace faux pas happened during the first month of a fancy internship. I attempted to heat popcorn in the breakroom microwave and burned it so badly that the people in the office below us came up to ask, “What’s on fire?”

My boss jokingly called me “Popcorn” for the next four months.

What I’m trying to say is, workplace mistakes happen. At times, they can be a little funny — though usually in retrospect. Few on the clock errors, however, are as viral and funny as this one.

Meet Justin Hinton, a WLOS ABC 13 anchor in North Carolina who’s doing his best to tell us all about the first local snowfall of the year. There’s only one problem: He forgot to disable the Facebook Live Mystery Mask filter during his coverage.

The result is a wonderful mashup of professionalism, obliviousness, wacky face filters and a good-humored realization. I mean, come on, a space robot and cat from "Cats" are giving you the weather.

In fact, I love this video so much, I might beg our friends at KSL TV to give it a shot. I doubt they’ll bite, but it’s a good pitch for Halloween coverage, right?

What was your most embarrassing (and funny) workplace moment? Please share in the comments below.

Have You Seen This?

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