Have You Seen This? Just a dog and a raccoon hanging out in a pool

By John Clyde, Contributor | Posted - Oct. 15, 2019 at 3:17 p.m.

THE POOL — There is something sweet about seeing friends help each other out. It makes us want to be better friends and better people.

Turns out, those same feelings come out when you see an animal helping a fellow animal friend. But in addition to that scene eliciting altruistic feelings, it puts a smile on your face and dares you not to audibly say, "Ahh."

This video is exactly that.

Twitter user Andrew Albertt posted this video of a dog and a raccoon hanging out at the pool together. I don't know all the context here, but it seems the raccoon is a little hesitant about jumping into the water. Luckily, his dog BFF is there to offer some encouragement.

Finally, the raccoon takes the plunge — but he doesn't do so alone. The canine jumps in, as well, and doesn't just act as a swim buddy, but as an actual flotation device for the raccoon.

The little bandit gets on pooch's back and goes for a ride. There is something oddly satisfying about the whole thing, and you might get a cavity due to the level of sweetness of the video.

It seems like this dog's title should change from "man's best friend" to "raccoon's best friend/swim coach."

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