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Have You Seen This? Dog soothes its baby friend in the cutest display ever

By Katie Workman, | Posted - Oct. 14, 2019 at 3:19 p.m.

NAP TIME — Sleep can be as elusive as a magical creature, a perfect score on a math test, or a non-awkward first date. Many of us even resort to strange bedtime rituals to help lure the sandman to our sides.

My mother’s midnight routine is a game of Candy Crush or Scrabble on her iPad. I’ve met people who crank the air conditioner on high, snuggling up to their security blankets, or turn their household WiFi off come nightfall.

My bedtime routine typically includes staying up too late, frantically noticing the time and scrambling under my covers — and sometimes lying awake restlessly until morning.

However, most sleep difficulties pale in comparison to the daunting venture of soothing a baby into rest. Luckily, the little girl in this video has got a Shiba Inu there to help her.

> This will make your day 😊 > > Dogs bro 🐶 []( > > — Buitengebieden (@buitengebieden\_) [October 12, 2019](^tfw)

Gentle paws reach across the electric rocker and the crying seems to cease for a moment. Then a soft snout is extended in a tentative effort to comfort the crying infant. The motion is greeted with a tiny, outstretched and curious fist.

This dog wastes no time in covering the baby’s hand with an onslaught of licks in what is clearly a therapeutic experience for both parties.

Sometimes we all just need a friend (or a pet) to interrupt our difficult moments and douse us in affection.

Sleep will likely to continue to be a lost art to me and many others, but I think this baby and dog might have cracked the code: I need to get myself some cuddles.

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Katie Workman

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