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Have You Seen This? Dog teaches tiny human to sit

By John Clyde, Contributor | Posted - Sep. 13, 2019 at 3:34 p.m.

BIZARRO WORLD — Some times things are cute, others are darling and some are downright adorable. But once in a while, something happens that transcends all of these words and can only be described as face-meltingly precious.

This video captures one of those moments.

I'd try to get clever to tell you what happens in the video, but I was up late last night and I'm not that clever to begin with. Not to mention this little one's parent said it best in the video description.

"Our baby, Joslyn, had been trying to tell our Labradoodle Khloe to sit," the post reads. "When all of a sudden Khloe made her sit. Joslyn was very surprised by this and said 'uh-oh.'"

Joslyn was surprised? I was flabbergasted. OK, maybe not flabbergasted, but I did laugh because Khloe is so matter of fact about the whole thing. It's like she's thinking, "Human, it's easy. I'll just help you down. There we go. Perfect."

Then Khloe immediately gets bored and yawns. It's really a brilliant series of events. Khloe is indifferent, Joslyn is in shock and my mom is holding in hysterics. It's pretty much a perfect video with kids, pets and unexpected twists.

Just give them all the awards.

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