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Have You Seen This? Timelapse video shows cute puppy turn into massive dog

By Xoel Cardenas, | Posted - Mar 13th, 2019 @ 3:30pm

THE DOG HOUSE — Who doesn’t love puppies? They’re so cute, cuddly and full of energy.

Many times, we wish the puppies could stay cute little ones forever. But as we all know, they grow up and get bigger — really, really big, sometimes.

Before you know it, the little puppy you brought into your home is now a big dog, strutting his or her stuff around your house, which isn’t a bad thing.

One woman decided to capture just how fast a puppy can grow up.

In this video, a young lady holds her puppy for the camera. After spinning once to the right, the woman is now holding the puppy that has grown a bit. Another spin and the puppy is now much bigger.

After the third spin, we see that the puppy is now grown up.

Then we see the woman give one last spin and ta-da: the puppy is now a massive dog that the woman struggles to hold up!

Oh, how time flies by.

Puppies grow up so fast. Yes, we may want them to stay puppies forever, but they are just as fun as big doggies when they are little pups.

Besides, they’re easier to train as fully grown dogs. No more placing newspaper around the floor.

Xoel Cardenas

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