Have You Seen This? Mountain lion discovers swing

A mountain lion experiences a swing in a video posted Sept. 6.

A mountain lion experiences a swing in a video posted Sept. 6. (Thaddeus Wells via YouTube)

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THE MOUNTAINS — Mountain lions have always held mystical powers over humans. They emit terrifying screams that have led them to be referred to as "mountain screamers" in some parts of the country. Their stealthy stalking habits mean they could feasibly be following you at any moment, perhaps even as you're reading this article, which is why they're sometimes called "ghost cats."

As the nicknames suggest, we're simultaneously amazed and spooked by these magnificent predators. I once encountered a big mountain lion on Boulder Mountain. He stopped about 20 feet from me, and we locked eyes for a moment. After this jarring experience, I can conclusively say that cougars have the ability to peer into your soul.

But, there are other times when these powerful cats just look like overgrown kittens. Take this video, for example:

The video's title is "A mountain lion is surprised to learn the log she has been sleeping under is a swing," and I think that sums it up beautifully. I love how the trail camera captures the moment the cat absentmindedly reaches up and taps the swing. When it sways, the creature's curiosity definitely kicks in.

What can we learn from this video? If you're ever camping in big cat country, it's wise to build some sort of swing at your campsite. That way, it will divert the attention of any invading mountain lions from you. And, if nothing else, you'll have something fun for the kids to play with while you prepare the meals.

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Have You Seen This?
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