Have You Seen This? Shoveling snow is the worst, and this kid knows it

The video from 2019 features Peyton, a young boy who went outside to shovel the 8 inches of snow on his driveway. I feel for this kid so much it hurts. (Viral Hog, YouTube)

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THE DRIVEWAY — If you live anywhere near me, you're seeing snowfall outside your windows today. The first snowfall of the season is always exciting, but as the winter wears on it can get kind of tedious — especially when you're clearing your driveway for the fifth time in one day.

When my wife and I bought our first house, we purchased it in the early spring when the weather was turning and the flowers were blooming. We also loved the long, wide driveway that gave us plenty of space. That same driveway, however, became an absolute nightmare in the wintertime.

I'll never forget the first blizzard I experienced at that house. It had snowed a little over 2 feet and, considering I had to get to work, I figured I better get out and shovel the driveway. I put on my coat, gloves and boots and headed to the garage. I opened the garage door and grabbed my shovel. There I stood with a flimsy shovel and more than 24 inches of snow covering my driveway that accommodated parking for eight.

I looked at it, set the shovel down and audibly said, "Nope."

I then got in the car, plowed through the snow, drove to Lowe's and bought a snowblower. Best home purchase I've ever made.

It's times like these that make this video resonate.

The video from 2019 features Peyton, a young boy who went outside to shovel the 8 inches of snow on his driveway. The security camera captured video of his journey of emotion: frustration turns to anger, anger turns to sadness, and sadness eventually turns into giving up.

The whole thing only lasts 29 seconds, but it may be the most relatable 29 seconds I've experienced in a very long time.

I feel you, Peyton.

Have You Seen This?

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