Have You Seen This? Wife may have just pulled off the world's greatest prank

Bailey Cole pranks her husband, Anthony Cole, by opening the trunk every time he walks away.

Bailey Cole pranks her husband, Anthony Cole, by opening the trunk every time he walks away. (bviral, Instagram)

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PRANKINGTON — I need to say something right off the bat here: I have absolutely no judgment to those who are on the other side of the fence from me on this topic. If this works for you, fantastic. But it just does not for me.

With that said, I am not a fan of pranks.

I hear about these couples dumping ice water into the shower when their partner is in there or letting off stink bombs in their car. This sounds like torture and a possible reason for separation.

Thankfully, my wife and I get each other and don't pull pranks on each other. Sure, we're like any other couple and try to scare one another on occasion or poke fun at each other, but none of that nasty prank stuff. My personal goal in life is not to humiliate my wife and hers is not to humiliate me — I do that all on my own quite easily, thank you.

While I am not a big fan of pranks, I do have to say I love this one. It just may be the perfect prank in my eyes. No one was hurt, it was harmless, no personal property was damaged, and the frustration the husband felt likely melted away the moment he knew what was going on.

The husband in the video is walking from his car to the house, but his wife has a key fob and keeps popping the trunk open. It's so simple, but it's so perfect — and the husband is all sorts of befuddled.

While I love this joke, I have to say my favorite part is listening to the wife giggle. The joy she is getting out of this is spectacular.

If you'd like to occasionally pull a prank like this on me from time to time, then I applaud your effort. If you try to mess with me while I'm in the shower, you will be scarred for life from the sight, and I will likely use some language — involuntarily mind you — that may make you question our friendship. And that's fine because I'm already questioning yours after messing with me in the shower.

Have You Seen This?

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