Have You Seen This? Florida man uses trash can to capture gator

Have You Seen This? Florida man uses trash can to capture gator

Have You Seen This? Florida man uses trash can to capture gator (Roy Bonilla via NBC News, YouTube)

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WHERE ELSE? — I know we like to joke about Florida and all the crazy things that happen down there, but where else would this story come from?

A Florida man saw an alligator in his neighbor's yard. So, like anyone else obviously would, he trapped it in a garbage can. No, not like anyone else — just like the awesome people in Florida.

Eugene Bozzi was being a good neighbor and saw an alligator in his neighbor's yard. I think most of us would call animal control and hope no one — and no neighborhood animal — wandered into said gator and its jaws. But Bozzi was having none of that.

Bozzi said his "Army training" kicked in and he went into action. He grabbed a garbage can and managed to wrangle the 6-foot gator inside.

The video is wild and something you'd only see in Florida. Some may argue you'd see it in Australia, but no such luck. This same situation in the land down under would result in an Aussie gingerly walking up to the gator, grabbing it by the tail, and then dragging it back to the water. Florida is a wild place, but Australia is on another level.

I have to tip my hat to Bozzi for trapping the gator, not hurting it, and sending it on its way. He was being a good neighbor, and these are the "Florida man" headlines that both entertain and inspire us to be better neighbors.

I'm not suggesting any of you try to wrangle a gator, mountain lion or any other wildlife creature out of your neighbor's yard, but maybe you could pick up some trash or get their package on the porch when they're not at home?

Bozzi's good deed is making some headway as well. We even got one guy who wrote a song about it. Keep giving Florida man a good name, Bozzi. And thanks for the example, even if we shouldn't do it exactly like you did.

Have You Seen This?

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