Have You Seen This? The bird who cries like a baby

A bird named Nico cries like a baby to get attention. (Newsflare, YouTube)

THE JUNGLE — We've all been in a situation where a very upset baby won't stop crying in a public place.

Sometimes it's easy to have compassion for the parents and offer any obvious assistance, and sometimes you feel like you're going to go mad. (This is a fact of life, not a commentary on the value of babies.)

But if you're at an exotic animal show and a baby keeps crying and crying, you may start feeling concerned that the noise could alarm the animals. That's when you should double check to see if you're seeing animals from Animal Magic, an exotic animal rescue, because it's certainly not what you think.

Meet the world-famous Nico, a bird that gets attention in about the most nerve racking way possible.

In this video, Mark Rosenthal, a licensed animal educator and trainer at Animal Magic, begins by letting us listen to what sounds precisely like a very upset baby crying.

It's so exact that when your brain finally makes the connection that the creature making the crying noise is actually a bird, it feels like a Jedi mind trick. But it is truly a bird crying wolf for attention.

Rosenthal also explains in the video that people often come looking for "the crying baby" to make sure everything is OK, which only gives Nico the attention she wants.

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Martha Ostergar

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Martha Ostergar is a writer who delights in the ridiculous that internet serves up, which means she's more than grateful that she gets to cruise the web for amazing videos to write about.

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