Have You Seen This? Heated discussion between this beagle family

Have You Seen This? Heated discussion between this beagle family

(Leo the Beagle, YouTube)

TEENAGER LAND — Have you ever watched a family have an argument?

I imagine most of you have, even if it was while you were a kid at your friend's house and their parents started yelling. Never have I learned how to blend into a wall more so than when a mom and a friend start arguing about chores.

However, I've managed to find a heated family argument that isn't embarrassing or awkward. In fact, it's adorable.

Meet beagles Leo and Lilly. Leo is the dad and Lilly is the puppy daughter.

I'm not sure what beagles have to argue about, but boy are they loud and they have a lot to say.

Is the daughter in love with a chihuahua and Dad disapproves? Is Dad showing Lilly how to howl and she has her own style? Is the political climate for beagles boiling over right now? Is this the dog version of generational warfare, with Lilly yelling "OK, boomer!" over and over?

If you have any theories about the subject of their conversation, feel free to share in the comments below.

Until then, I'll assume he's teaching her how to keep the neighbors up all night.

Have You Seen This?

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