Have You Seen This? There are two types of skiers, which one are you?

By John Clyde | Posted - Apr. 7, 2021 at 3:03 p.m.

THE SLOPES OF SERENITY AND TERROR — Skiing can be a fickle friend.

For most of you, the slopes are an escape of serenity and peace. A place where you can either soak in the majesty of the cascading mountains or steal a moment to feel what it's like to be a missile breaking the sound barrier along a white and icy sky.

But for others, it's a moment of panic that stretches on for the length of the run. When we get to the bottom we've had fun — despite what our screaming may have suggested — but we're also grateful to be alive and that we didn't seriously harm someone else or cause thousands of dollars worth of damage.

If you haven't figured it out yet from this description, my history of cowardice and other Have You Seen This articles, I fall in the latter group. That's why we're all going to love this video because each and every one of us can relate to one of these two skiers.

It looks like a foggy day on the slopes when a child emerges at the crest of the hill and smoothly and calmly makes his way down the run. Kid can't be that old, but he's got form and grace to spare. When you think of skiing you think of this kid.

Then comes skier number two. This kid is on a B-line straight down the hill, but not because he wants to, but rather because he can't stop and likely can't turn. In addition to his speed, a primordial scream of "NOOOOO!" rises and falls as he zooms by the camera. This second kid is 1% fun and 99% panic, and I relate with this skier.

I have to assume both skiers made it down the slope physically safe. Mentally, that's a different story.

Regardless of which skier you are, it's OK. Be you out there on those slopes and in life, remember that some days we're calmly heading down life's black diamond without a care in the world enjoying the ride. And some days we're losing our minds from internally and sometimes externally screaming "NOOOO!" as we fly down life's mountain.

And guess what? It's OK to be both of those skiers on the mountains of life's weird and wild ski resort.

Have You Seen This?

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John Clyde


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