Have You Seen This? Minnesota is cold and this guy's frozen face proves it

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Have You Seen This? Minnesota is cold and this guy's frozen face proves it

By John Clyde, KSL.com contributor | Posted - Jan. 26, 2021 at 3:03 p.m.

COLD COUNTRY — For years I thought I knew what cold was. I grew up here in Utah, where on multiple occasions I'd watch the thermometer drop below zero.

I remember one February I checked my phone every night to see how far below zero we'd get. We were averaging about 11 below, and the coldest I remember was 19 below. But that was one month of one year.

Turns out, I knew nothing.

I have a brother-in-law who lived in Minnesota for a couple of years, and he'd tell me how he would have to make sure every part of his body was covered when he went outside or he could get frostbite. Yeah, he'd literally get hurt if any portion of his skin was exposed.

I've never had to deal with that, and now that I see this video I'm not sure I want to deal with it. I will, however, laugh at it.

This guy wanted us all to see the effects the cold had on his face in sub-zero weather in Minnesota. I don't know if he's playing up that Midwestern accent — my guess is yes — but either way, I love it.

He shows us what happens to his face after five minutes in the cold, 15 minutes, an hour and two hours. Watching the ice crystalize is great, but it's how his face is clearly turning numb that's the best part. His speech slows, slurs and then he can barely move his lips. I've been there before where my speech is affected by the cold, but I'm not sure it's ever frozen this much.

I hope that guy got inside and that you all stay warm wherever you are. So, head inside and warm up with some cheese curds, lutefisk and a hotdish, don't ya know?

Have You Seen This?

John Clyde

About the Author: John Clyde

John has grown up around movies and annoys friends and family with his movie facts and knowledge. He also has a passion for sports and pretty much anything awesome, and it just so happens, that these are the three things he writes about. Contact him on Twitter at @johnnypclyde.

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