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Have You Seen This? Reporter needs to be more aware of her surroundings

By John Clyde, Contributor | Posted - Oct. 20, 2020 at 3:03 p.m.

THE FIELD — I'd like you all to take a trip with me back to a time when baggy pants and frosted tips were considered high fashion. Back when the letters and number Y2K struck fear into the hearts of many and I could eat seven chalupas and still go play basketball all night with no repercussions. I'd like you to journey to my high school days with me.

I was a junior or senior and a large group of my high school friends and I were sitting on the lawn of a church building late one night. Why were we sitting on the lawn in the middle of the night? I don't know, we were 17 and nothing we did made sense. Anyway, there we were chatting the night away not paying attention to the world around us.

Suddenly we all heard this hissing sound. The chatting stopped as we tried to place this distantly familiar noise. It was the same feeling as when you have a word on the tip of your tongue yet it's still somehow out of reach. We knew the sound but didn't know how we knew it. Instead of paying attention to our surroundings, we ignored it and decided to move on with our evening. That didn't last long, however, because seconds later a sprinkler popped out of the ground, turned on and hit our friend A-Dub square in the face. That's right, this poor boy took a full-functioning Rain Bird to the grill at point-blank range. The rest of us got wet as the industrial sprinkler heads made their rounds as we tried to run away. But A-Dub never stood a chance. That boy had the dental cleaning and sinus rinse of the decade in less than a second.

This reporter didn't have the face-clobbering experience my poor friend did, but she also failed to recognize her surroundings with a functioning sprinkler nearby. It's interesting that Shelley Steeves of Global News New Brunswick didn't realize she was about to experience the downpour of a man-made rainstorm considering she was doing a story on watering crops and was in front of the sprinkler for a reason. But, we all make oversights and she was just trying to do her job.

So, take a lesson from A-Dub and Steeves and pay attention to your surroundings so you can stay dry, hold on to some of your dignity and keep all of your teeth.

Have You Seen This?

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John Clyde


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