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Have You Seen This? An industrial shredder versus laptops and golfballs

By John Clyde, Contributor | Posted - Nov. 26, 2019 at 3:47 p.m.

SHREDSMOORE — I am pretty positive this video was not made to scare people, but I am terrified.

I'll explain why later.

For now, know this video is absolutely mesmerizing as it shows all types of objects being thrown into an industrial shredder. The machine simply demolishes everything that comes its way. Well, everything except some plastic measuring cups. Those things are apparently the cockroaches of the kitchen utensil universe and will survive a nuclear holocaust.

This video is strangely transfixing, and before you know it you've spent seven minutes watching stuff get methodically and brutally shredded. I also think part of the motivation behind the video is that its creators had some cheap Halloween stuff they didn't want to put back into storage.

Now, I believe this video was made just to entertain, but it's the scariest thing I've seen since "Hocus Pocus" (I don't do well with scary stuff). All I could think of while watching the video was how I hope no one falls into that thing.

While I think getting taken out by a bear would be the worst way to kick the bucket, this machine — without a doubt — rivals it. I'm getting chills up my spine as I write this.

It didn't help that the guy throwing the items into the shredder was being so cavalier about the whole thing, as my heart stopped every time his hand came into view and, in my mind’s eye, I could see it getting a little too close. At one point, the maniac grabs a piece of something at the back of the shredder with his bare hand!

My nerves are shot, friends. Watch the video, realize I am insane, let your mind go to some weird places, and enjoy the destruction.

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