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Have You Seen This? Boy sees color for the first time

By Katie Workman, | Posted - Nov. 25, 2019 at 2:14 p.m.

A CLASSROOM IN MINNESOTA — For Jonathan Jones, the world burst into color for the first time recently.

According to Ben Jones, his older brother, Jonathan is “severely colorblind” and received the life-changing opportunity to try color-correcting lenses when his school’s principal (also colorblind) brought a pair to enhance a lesson on the subject.

Jonathan’s reaction in this video is the pick me up you need this Monday:

At first, he’s taken aback, and then a pleasantly-surprised smile crosses his face. Then, a weak thumbs-up as he bursts into tears.

The principal hugs him immediately and is followed by his mother shortly thereafter.

After Jonathan wipes his eyes with a sleeve, he replaces the frames and stands up to examine a whole new, technicolor classroom. The periodic table of elements first catches his attention — and then everything seems to excite him as he spins around in astonishment.

Gaze landing on a painting, Jonathan stares, removes his glasses and then replaces them as if comparing the difference.

The video ends as the principal tells Jonathan that he can keep the glasses for a while, and he hopes his parents might be able to buy him a set.

Before the comments section rallies at the injustice he was not gifted the set on the spot, Ben Jones has told 7News in Boston that the eyewear company which made the set donated a free pair to his brother.

Beyond that, Ben also shared a Gofundme page to donate color-collecting lenses to children unable to afford them. According to the description, the eyewear company Enchroma will match each donated pair with a set of their own. The glasses cost $269 and up.

As of the time of writing, the fund has raised over $26,000, with over 1,000 donors.

After this video, it seems like Jonathan isn’t the only one who’ll be seeing the world more brightly.

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Have You Seen This?

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