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Have You Seen This? Residents help dozens of ducks cross the road

By Xoel Cardenas, | Posted - May 23rd, 2019 @ 3:30pm

THE ROAD BY THE RIVER — Why did the chicken cross the road? Who knows.

Why did the ducks cross the road? Because they can — and who’s going to stop them?

We’ve seen videos of cows, chickens and even cute little ducklings crossing roads. But I don’t think you or I have seen a video quite like this.

It’s one thing if it’s a handful of ducks trying to make it from one side of the road to the other. But in this video, a flock, raft, team — whatever you want to call it — of ducks need to cross the road.

Thankfully, motorists have their backs.

In this video shot in Sirajganj, Bangladesh, we see a scooter rider stopping in the middle of the road as people are holding two short fences made out of nets. It appears, this area of the road is a regular crossing for ducks (you can see a body of water on the left, likely a river, as Sirajganj has several rivers run through it).

Lots of ducks. Dozens of ducks. I mean, I didn’t have time to count them all, but it had to be close to 100 (maybe more).

Across the net, you can see vehicles stopped on the road, waiting for the ducks to get through.

The video is not very long, but it feels like the duck trail lasts forever.

Finally, the last few ducks make it across and one man moves the net back to its place on the side of the road.

I’m grateful these ducks got across the road safely. I’m also glad residents in that area have nets ready to help the ducks cross.

I guess there’s only lingering question remaining: Since the ducks are already crossing the road when the video starts (when the scooter rider arrived), how many ducks crossed the road before the scooter rider got there?!

Xoel Cardenas

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