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Have You Seen This? Drone operator shoots video that will have your head spinning

By John Clyde, Contributor | Posted - Feb 8th, 2019 @ 1:03pm

THE SKY — Piloting a drone is no easy feat. I know it looks like a breeze, but have you actually done it? I'm sure some of you reading this are quite skilled with drones, but I'm guessing even you would admit that piloting one of these things takes practice and patience. That's what makes this video so incredible.

The shots you see are often beautiful and mesmerizing, but when you realize how amazing the drone pilot is then your head starts to spin.

YouTuber Johnny FPV posted this video where he's showing off everything from business parks to wild rhinos from a bird's-eye view. Many of the shots are truly breathtaking, and the skill of Johnny's piloting is nothing short of phenomenal. Think about it, flying a drone is hard enough, but he's also capturing everything on camera and keeping it perfectly in frame.

Some YouTube commenters were upset Johnny was disturbing and scaring the animals in the video, but he actually took to Instagram to clear that up. When shooting the rhinos, it was actually in collaboration with the private game reserve and the animals were getting close to an area where poachers are active. They actually used the drone to help get the rhinos back into a safe area.

Enjoy the video and let it impress you with its beauty and skill, but also make sure you're sitting down and don't have a weak stomach. Some of the shots may cause some nausea, but it's worth it.

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