Have You Seen This? There’s a snake in my … sink

By Xoel Cardenas, | Posted - Feb 6th, 2019 @ 1:16pm

DOWN UNDER — When I was young, I was always nervous about looking down the drain of the kitchen sink. The fear that something creepy — like a lizard or a bug — would come up from that dark pipe to say "hi" always keep me away.

After seeing this video, I don’t think I’ll have my hand near the sink drain anytime soon.

There have been stories of animals like iguanas and rats swimming up drains and appearing in either a sink or toilet. But in Australia, it’s a much scarier and possibly more venomous animal creeping up the pipes: snakes!

In this video, someone is tapping on the pipe with a stick or mop handle to try to get the slithering reptile out of the drain. It takes a few pokes, but the snake finally pops its head up to say “hello” to the camera.

"I received a call from a lady saying ‘I’ve got a snake in my kitchen sink, I can see it's (sic) head but it’s stuck and it can’t get out, can someone please come and get it out I don’t want it in there,’" the video’s description says.

Yes, ma’am. We all want the snake outta there. So creepy!

After seeing this snake in the drain, the ideo of a bug crawling up my sink doesn’t sound too bad.

My hope is that the snake was carefully removed, taken to the desert and set free.

Sorry, buddy. Home life isn’t for you. Your home is the wild, where you can roam free — and also not scare the daylight out of anyone just trying to wash their dirty dishes.

Xoel Cardenas

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