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Have You Seen This? 'Hey Siri, what’s 1 trillion to the 10th power?'

By Martha Ostergar, Contributor | Posted - Jan. 20, 2019 at 2:30 p.m.

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THE STUDIO — Asking the AI on your phone for help in an effort to get funny results is nothing new.

Indeed, companies with well-used AI’s like Google and Apple took that cue years ago and started programming jokes and specific responses into their “personal assistants” to entertain their masses. Heck, adding cheeky content probably has its own department at these massive companies.

But the canned jokes are just that: canned jokes. It’s kinda cute when they’re first discovered, like finding a new-to-you bad Laffy Taffy joke, but it gets old fast. That’s when it’s nice to have creative humans on the other end of the AI.

Musicians all across the internet are using a “Hey Siri” request math to show off their musical skills: “Hey Siri, what’s one trillion to the tenth power?”

The question doesn’t seem obviously musical, but good ol’ robotic Siri creates a precise rhythmic beat as she returns her “1-0-0-0-0-0-0…” response.

This video may have started it all back in 2016, and this video may be considered the source of the recent revival in December 2018, but the featured video in this article might be the most fun and ambitious so far.

This “Hey Siri” video challenge includes three artists: @freenationals who start the jam, @aashley_jayy who added lyrics later, and @onlyernest, who posted his brass and percussion addition on Instagram about a week ago.

Who knew that a math question to Siri could inspire a love song?

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