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Have You Seen This? Great white shark jumps at researcher

By John Clyde, Contributor | Posted - Aug 14th, 2018 @ 1:15pm

THE DEEP — It's well-documented that I am terrified of bears. They're fast, they can climb, they can swim and they love to torture my psyche.

What isn't quite as well-documented is that the ocean scares me. It's huge, it's deep and I have no idea what's under the surface. When I find myself on the beach I always talk myself into going in the water. Then a piece of seaweed brushes by and I scream like a banshee and run to dry land.

I know I look ridiculous, but that's who I am. But even though the ocean can give me the creeps, I'm fascinated by sharks. They are powerful, graceful and all sorts of deadly.

They usually aren't top of mind for me like bears, though, because they're not an immediate threat considering I live in a landlocked state. But then I see a video like this and remember how grateful I am that I live in a landlocked state.

The Atlantic White Shark Conservatory posted this video of a research team in Massachusetts. This is the description on the video: "While out on research trips, we've seen white sharks breach and we've received multiple reports of breaching white sharks this year from fishermen and boaters. While encounters like this one are rare, this video shows that they’re certainly possible. White sharks are wild and unpredictable animals. This is a good reminder of the importance of not becoming complacent and always staying vigilant when in or on the water."

Yesterday's Have You Seen This?

Vigilant? Stay vigilant you say? I think what you meant to say was stay out of the water. A white shark jumped out of the water in hopes of getting a nibble of you scientist out there on the bow.

OK, so I don't know what the shark actually wanted to do, but I'm guessing the animal didn't want a high-five.

Watch the video, be amazed and a little terrified and decide if you still want to take that beach trip at the end of the summer.

John Clyde

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John Clyde

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