Have You Seen This? Luckiest prairie dog in the world

By Martha Ostergar, | Posted - Aug 28th, 2014 @ 1:15pm

OLKHON ISLAND, Russia — A tubby prairie dog found out almost too late that it got too big for its britches. Luckily two eagle-eyed and compassionate motorists spotted it before it met its end.

In the video, a man and a woman are traveling on a wide dirt road, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, when the driver stops suddenly and backs up for initially unclear reasons. But as the woman walks into the road, viewers can see something wiggling in the form of a prairie dog that is too fat to exit its own hole.

The woman looks back toward the car with a slightly confused and helpless look on her face, maybe unsure of how to help the sadly stuck creature.

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The man brings the woman a towel to protect her hands as she tries to help, but the man is not missing the opportunity to put the rescue on the Internet. So while he films what he calls the “gluttonous gopher,” the woman wraps the towel around the prairie dog, gets a firm grip and frees the wee beast with a good tug. (The video switches to the up-close shot at about the 1:18 mark.)

The prairie dog scampers off to its freedom, probably unaware of how lucky his escape was from a hole in a road, which happens to be not only the exact same color of its fur, but also in the middle of nowhere. In fact, it might be the luckiest prairie dog in the world.

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