A lesson from a child and other moments that made people's day

By Celeste Tholen Rosenlof, | Posted - Aug 25th, 2014 @ 8:56am

SALT LAKE CITY — If ever you get down about the sadness on the Internet, even KSL.com, hopefully this column will pick you up.

Each Monday, we feature several stories submitted by readers of the goodness they see in the world.

Chris W.

On kids teaching adults:

"Our son recently lost his first tooth. He and his little brother were so excited for the Tooth Fairy to come and the money that he would get for his tooth. His little brother had been so excited for him during the whole process. We decided with it being his first we would give him $2.

"The next morning he woke up and the first thing he did was check under his pillow. He and his little brother began doing a celebration dance about the $2 he had found. His brother wasn’t joining in the celebration because he thought he would get some of the money or that any of it benefited him. He was just excited for his brother. After the celebration dance ended, our older son turned to his little brother and simply asked while holding out a dollar bill, 'Would you like one of these?'

"It was such a great moment as a parent to once again be taught from our children about how to be better people."

JoLee H.

On being the one to help:

Share your story with us
Have you seen any moments of service or kindness? Do you want to share a story about something that made your day? Email a brief story (100 words or fewer) along with any photos or video to crosenlof@ksl.com.

"I was recently a passenger in my neighbor's car on Parrish Lane and Orchard in Bountiful, stopped five cars deep into a busy intersection under construction, forcing cars into a single serpentine lane to wait for more than one light to pass through. We noticed an elderly man walking with a cane trying to maneuver west around cones on one side and dug-out trenches on the other without much breathing room between himself and the cars.

"As my friend and I were voicing our concerns that he would never make it safely to the other side without being hit or falling into the pit, a young man from nowhere ran from behind our car, zig zagged between stopped cars, ran down the pit and up the other side to assist the gentleman. It was then that I saw the gentleman’s cane was white. My friend and I just wanted to let that quick thinking, sweet young rescuer know that you are our hero."

Brittany F.

On simple acts of kindness:

"I was walking out of our church service with my 7-year-old and my 16-month-old. I was 32 weeks very pregnant. My 7-year-old had his arms full and dropped the container of fishy crackers and it broke open all over the floor right by the doors. I couldn't get down to pick them up, I could barely bend over. I told my son to hurry and pick them up. He began picking them up when a man in my congregation knelt down and starting scooping them up. I was so grateful for his help. They were all picked up very quickly and I told him thank you so much. It's so nice to see people go out of their way to help even in small situations."

Alicia C.


On a teenager acting on charity:

"Earlier this year, I had a driveway full of pine tree branches as tall as me. My husband has been very sick and so I was trying to cut all the small branches off and get rid of the larger branches. While out cutting, a 14-year-old boy named Corban rode past our house on his bike. He turned around and came back and asked if I needed help. Hating to ask for help I said no thank you. He said 'Yes, I think you need help.' He got off his bike and proceed to saw wood for an hour and a half. We carried on such a sweet conversation and it uplifted my spirits to no end. He was an angel sent to me that day."

Melanie K.

On a small gift:

"I was at Sam’s Club with my son. My birthday was coming up and I was scouting out cake ideas in the bakery. One caught my eye, but I’d never had it before so I didn’t buy it.

"I went to the register and the man in front of me was buying the exact cake I was wondering about. I asked him if he liked it and he said it was his wife’s favorite. I explained how I was thinking about getting it for my birthday but had never had it so was unsure. He assured me I would like it and left.

"My son and I were checking out and were just getting ready to leave when that man came back with two slices of the cake on plates with forks. He had gone to the food court and had them cut two pieces for my son and I. He explained that he wanted me to be able to try it so that I would know if I wanted it for my birthday."

Hillary Y.

On giving a little extra:

"My kids and my daughter's best friend just had a lemonade stand. They made signs and stood out in the hot sun trying to attract business. A few of our neighbors came and bought lemonade and cookies, but most people just drove by and waved. As I was helping them clean up, a blonde woman in a big, white truck pulled over. I went inside the house so the kids could help her. A minute later they ran in shouting that the woman had given them $20 for a cup of lemonade and a cookie. She really made their day as well as mine. Thank you to the woman in the white truck."

Have you seen any moments of service or kindness? Do you want to share a story about something that made your day? Email a brief story (100 words or fewer) along with any photos or video to crosenlof@ksl.com.

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