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Paying for someone's groceries and other moments that made your day

By Celeste Tholen Rosenlof, | Posted - Aug 18th, 2014 @ 10:17am

SALT LAKE CITY — Have you seen someone doing kind without being prompted?

Each week, we feature stories from our readers about acts of generosity or kindness they have seen, done, or experienced. Whether these experiences are new or old doesn't matter, so long as they made an impact on you.

Davina D.

On helping someone in need:

"My aunt had gone to a WinCo to buy groceries for my grandma, grabbing over $60 worth of food to last her a week. As she proceeded to check out, the cashier told her they didn't accept credit cards. My aunt (who wasn't working at the time) couldn't pay for the food. She told the cashier never mind and proceeded to walk out the door when she was approached by another lady who offered to pay for it all. I'm so very thankful to whoever this lady was. She was an angel."

Kayla L.

On remember what it's like to need help:

“My husband and I have always been financially comfortable, but as of late, things have been tight and we've had to be a lot more careful in our spending.

“This morning I was at our local grocery store in Mount Pleasant with my three small children. I had to go early in the day because I was out of baby food for my 10-month-old and she has to take a particular type.

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Have you seen any moments of service or kindness? Do you want to share a story about something that made your day? Email a brief story (100 words or fewer) along with any photos or video to

“As I was shopping, I kept in mind that I had to be careful because I knew I didn't have much left in our bank account. When the total rang up to be a little more than I had, I had no other choice but to start sifting through my grocery bags to pull out things I didn't desperately need at the time. It was very embarrassing. But, before I knew what was happening, the elderly gentleman behind me had joined my bill with his and was paying for it. I was so impressed that there was no longer any room for embarrassment.

“After he was finished, I thanked him. He told me he remembered being in the same position when he was a newlywed and that he was happy to help. I tried not to cry before I got in my car. I hope he knows I will never forget that moment. I was deeply touched and grateful.”

Sylvia G.

On responding kindly:

"A few nights ago my daughter and I were running errands late, so we stopped by a pizza place to grab a quick dinner for the family.

"After a little wait, it was finally our turn to order. I pulled my money out to pay and the person next to me informed me that I had dropped some money. I was so impressed with her honesty! Especially after hearing the guys behind me comment in another language that the lady should of kept her mouth closed so they could have used the money.

"Instead of leaving this place with an unkind or upset feeling, I turned and asked to pay for this lady’s meal who had told me about dropping my money. Everyone went quiet. I told the lady I was grateful for her honesty and that she led by example.

"Yup I left with a warm fuzzy, a great example for my daughter, grateful for the ability to speak two languages and wished these guys a good evening in their own language."


Danae H.

On having empathy:

"This last Sunday we were driving home from church when we saw two men pushing a truck in our neighborhood. Others drivers were going down a side street to avoid going around them. I was about to say something when my husband jumped out of the car to help. We had both experienced pushing broken down cars enough times that it was our first thought to help them out. They were very grateful that he was willing to help push a car home, even in his Sunday best."

Cassity J.

On helping an overwhelmed mom:

"I had to take my 18-month-old to the post office with me to pick up two packages. As I was trying to figure out a way to get both him and the packages out to the car, a lady behind me in line said that if I would wait just a minute she would help me with the packages. I gratefully waited and she helped carry my packages. She helped turn a stressful situation into a simple act of kindness I will never forget."

Have you seen any moments of service or kindness? Do you want to share a story about something that made your day? Email a brief story (100 words or fewer) along with any photos or video to

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